Materials & Technique in Clay

I wanted to share the materials and techniques for creating the clay rays. The hours dedicated to refining the texture of the clay have proven to be a worthy investment. At first glance, one might not discern the meticulous effort poured into every inch of the sculpture, particularly in the initial stages captured in the forthcoming photos. As the bronze emerges from the fiery depths of the furnace, searing at a blistering 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, its raw form might belie the smoothness and grace that await. Yet, beneath the molten surface lies the promise of a radiant finish, a testament to the labor and the technique that has shaped its essence.

The journey towards perfection is far from over. Despite the intense heat and the furnace’s transformative power, the sculpture’s true beauty is yet to be unveiled. It beckons for another forty hours of meticulous craftsmanship, a testament to the artist’s dedication and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Each moment spent refining the contours, smoothing the edges, and infusing life into the form is my commitment to the craft and the methods and materials I always try to use. With each stroke of the tool, the sculpture evolves, inching closer to its ultimate manifestation—a masterpiece that transcends the limitations of clay and metal, embodying the artist’s vision and passion.

Each passing hour brings me closer to their goal, each moment of solitude a step towards perfection, honing the methods and material. And when the final smooth touch is laid, and the sculpture stands in all its glory, it will witness the countless hours spent pursuing a singular vision—a vision of beauty, grace, and unwavering dedication.

Le Beau Touché is a sulfur-free, extremely smooth, and flexible Plasteline with exceptional adhesive qualities but too soft.

  • The summer heat made the clay very soft; every nail and fingerprint showed.
  • Trim nails
  • More clean-up to eliminate the imperfections from the marks in the clay.
  • Careful with the tools; any “miss-taps from a tool showed up on the clay. 
  • More clean-up to eliminate the scratches
  • Dust, clean it up

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AMACO Modeling/Sculpting Materials > Industrial Styling Clay (HBX-2)

Non-hardening. AMACO® Industrial Styling Clay is excellent for designing large and small models. A medium firmness clay that can be carved, extruded, shellacked, or painted and held to +/- 1/2000 inch tolerance. 

Finished twin Rays

Today was the pour…..

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