Think about Crowdfunding for a Public Art Piece

Think about crowdfunding for a public art piece. First thought: create three small rays; their setting will be two swimming alongside each other and the third peeking through the sandy ocean bottom. (My wonderful husband’s idea) What about creating a large version to educate people about the beauty, yet be aware of them; “Do the stingray shuffle.” Watch out! They will sting you! Start taking notes for public art piece. Think about crowdfunding for a Community Art project.

  1. How large will the sculpture have to make a “statement”?
  2. How will I raise the capital to build Ocean Dancer II?
  3. Where can I learn more about raising capital?
  4. Learning about “Crowdsourcing funds”
  5. Where to buy the materials?
  6. What is the quantity of materials that I need?
  7. Where will I build a large Ocean Dancer?
  8. The slurry: how much time does it take to go through the process of drying the plaster?
  9. Finished processes, which include
    • Sand Blasting
    • Picking
    • Using the circular blade to cut and polish?
    • Patina, SculptNouveau
  10. Who hires the engineers to insult it in the ground?
  11. What kind of base would I use?

“These topics must be addressed before proceeding with a public art piece. Lots of research; more to think about. I briefly read about “Crowdfunding and found a source from Forbes, which has already researched the shyness in the sites and what they offer. Indiegogo is the one for me; they help you by providing manuals and suggesting ” getting the ball rolling before starting your campaign.” Also, I learned to use different terms or synonyms for “crowdfunding” such as: Fundraising, Community funding, or Group fundraising.

Grants are another opinion; hopefully, I can find help for writing a grant.

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