Judy Salinsky Artist

My Story

I am an artist deeply connected to the sea, expressing its majesty through bronze sculptures and vibrant oil paintings. For over four decades, I’ve immersed myself in the mysteries of the Pacific Ocean, finding endless inspiration in its depths and sharing its wonders through my art.

When I’m not submerged beneath the waves, you’ll often find me swimming through the currents, seeking inspiration from the clouds above or the mesmerizing movements of schools of fish. My connection to the ocean extends beyond its physical presence; it flows through every stroke of my brush and every curve of my sculptures.


With a background in art, marine biology, and oceanography, I’ve explored the depths, scuba diving, and swimming, gaining firsthand insights into aquatic life. This profound experience drives me to convey both the ocean’s allure and the peril it faces through my art.

In addition to my ocean-themed bronze sculptures, I also create floral and colorful abstract paintings that reflect the vibrant diversity of marine life. These paintings celebrate the beauty and fragility of our oceans, reminding us of the importance of conservation and preservation.

One project close to my heart is the Stingray sculpture awareness public art idea. Having witnessed countless individuals, including myself, getting stung by rays along our beaches, I am motivated to raise awareness about their presence and the importance of precautionary measures. With over 30,000 of them inhabiting the waters near the San Gabriel River alone, the need for education and awareness is clear.

One of my proudest achievements is my sculpture “Fever,” which was proudly displayed at the National Sculpture Society in New York City. This piece stands as a testament to my deep connection to the marine world, crafted with meticulous attention to detail to capture the essence of the ocean’s beauty and the urgency of its preservation.

My mission is clear: to educate and inspire others to cherish and protect our oceans, while promoting safety awareness, particularly concerning stingrays. By learning and sharing the “Stingray Shuffle” through social media and advocating for the installation of safety measures, we can ensure the safety of beachgoers and the preservation of our precious marine life.

Through my art, I invite you to dive into the depths of your imagination and join me in making the Stingray Awareness Safety public art piece a reality. Together, let us transform this dream into a powerful message of conservation and awareness. In this aquatic haven, joy envelops me—it’s my second home.

About Sustainability

Every creation serves a purpose: educating and instilling love and respect for sea life. While nothing compares to the sheer joy of being in the ocean, I aim to motivate viewers by portraying its beauty, encouraging them to embrace its role in supporting the world beneath the waves. Join me in this journey of understanding, appreciation, and preservation.