Judy Salinsky Artist

As an oceanic artist immersed in depicting sea life through bronze sculptures and oil paintings, my creative journey spans four decades. Passionately dedicated, I’ve actively contributed to raising awareness about the Pacific Ocean’s ecology.


With a background in marine biology and oceanography, I’ve delved into the depths, scuba diving, and swimming, gaining firsthand insights into aquatic life. This profound experience has driven me to convey both the ocean’s allure and the peril it faces through my art.

It’s about the Ocean

My unwavering commitment to the ocean often consumes my thoughts, propelling me to express love and respect through relentless creativity. Ocean swimming acts as my muse, refining ideas and providing clarity for upcoming projects. The moment salty air invigorates me, ideas crystallize, and I find inspiration for my next masterpiece.

Immersing myself in the ocean’s embrace, I navigate through waves, seeking tranquility and glimpses of sea life. Perfect days unfold with schools of fish, stingrays, sea lions, and dolphins joining me, accompanied by seagulls and pelicans in search of sustenance. In this aquatic haven, joy envelops me—it’s my second home.

About Sustainability

Every creation serves a purpose: to educate and instill love and respect for sea life. While nothing compares to the sheer joy of being in the ocean, I hope that portraying its beauty will motivate viewers to embrace its role in supporting the world beneath the waves. Join me in this journey of understanding, appreciation, and preservation.