Creating Facemask from Alginate


In this video you will learn:

Mermaid nostrils sculpture project, Alginate Facemask, Plaster process, hands-on crafting and creating with warmth. Ceramic shell through sand dipping in the “Slurry” room, and Finishing touch with patina

Making the Mermaid nostrils was the fourth project in sculpture class; I am hooked. It’s all about creating with your hands, and I am “SO THERE.”  We are creating a facemask starting with Alginate which is gauzed dipped into wet plaster and laid across my face. They put cotton balls gently in my nostrils so I could breath.

Once the Alginate hardened it was slowly removed from my face. I let it cool and held the form to pour warm wax into the shell. When that hardened we could alter our “Face” I added starfish to create a Mermaid face.

Find out more about this method here.

Off to the “Slurry” room where it is dipped many times in different coarseness of sand, which creates a ceramic shell. After the shell was created lots of work was done to clean up the sculpture. At the end, a patina was used they are chemical tints by Sculpt Nouveau.

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